Dec. 11, 2020

UCalgary introduces embedded certificate in entrepreneurial thinking

Starting fall 2021, UCalgary undergrads can embed entrepreneurial thinking into their program of choice without extending their degree length
Embedded certificate

Many UCalgary students are excited about opportunities to solve social problems, create great new technology and build new businesses. They often draw inspiration from entrepreneurs, who are known for resilience and passion, problem-solving skills, connecting to people, ability to leverage their network, taking calculated risks and just thinking differently. Luckily for students, it's now even easier to learn and apply these skills during their undergraduate degree.

Starting next year, the new embedded certificate in entrepreneurial thinking will be available to all UCalgary undergraduate students who are interested in using entrepreneurial thinking to serve our world and achieve their dreams. Students can begin their journey by adding this microcredential to their existing degree in fall 2021.

The embedded certificate is closely aligned with the new strategic direction of the University of Calgary, Unstoppable: Growth Through Focus. Announced in mid-October, UCalgary is shifting gears toward a future-focused program delivery. This means more flexibility for students in course delivery (virtual versus in-person), a modularization of programming and microcredentialing (including embedded certificates) that gives students more options to tailor their own education path.

Entrepreneurial thinking has been an important pillar at UCalgary for many years and as a result there’s a strong entrepreneurial community on campus. Connecting with this community and guided by their interests, students can take courses from across the university.

For example, they may choose to take a course at the Schulich School of Engineering to explore the maker spaces and build prototypes for their product innovations, or a social work class that introduces the student to working with communities to analyze and respond to social problems. The opportunities to apply entrepreneurial thinking are endless. The list of courses will expand as the embedded certificate evolves and as the entrepreneurial community on campus engages with course content.

One common misconception about entrepreneurial thinking is that it only applies to those who want to start a new business. While this may be the case in some instances, for most students it’s an opportunity to bring these new entrepreneurial thinking skills to their studies, workplaces and causes.

“Students will be able to apply their new skills immediately," says Dr. Chad Saunders, PhD, academic co-ordinator for the certificate, "whether that’s to a group project, at their part-time job or when they enter the workforce. It’s learning to be resourceful no matter the circumstance and connecting with like-minded people. Entrepreneurial thinking skills extend far beyond the classroom.”

The Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking is supported by the Haskayne School of Business, the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking. Click here for more information.