Funding Opportunities

There are numerous agencies that fund medical research, with various deadlines and requirements. Please visit the following sites to learn more. 

Internal Funding

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute supports its researchers by providing numerous funding opportunities. See below to learn more.

*Please note completion of the CIHR's Online Training Modules: Integrating Sex & Gender in Health Research is a requirement for funding. They are available at

This annual competition is held in November. It enhances existing or proposed research activities, supports external funding prospects, and advances Libin research programs by supporting the purchase of necessary equipment. 

Priority is given to resources that could be shared by multiple people and that align with our strategic goals. Applications for shared resources include a principal applicant with multiple co-applicants. 

Funding Details

  • Maximum funding is $25,000
  • A minimum of 25 per cent of matching funds must be committed at the time of application
  • Greater amounts may be considered under special circumstances

Eligible Expenses

• Research equipment (includes shipping and delivery costs as well as custom/brokerage charges) 
• Training for equipment
• Software and licenses

Ineligible Expenses

• Service contracts
• Insurance
• Operating costs
• Office furniture
• Office computers and peripherals
• Construction and renovation
• Equipment not located within the Libin 

For more information, contact the institute 

This annual program occurs in November. It supports maintenance of research equipment, allowing researchers to continue and advance their research programs. Funding priority is given to requests for a shared resource that aligns with the Libin's research goals.

Applications for maintenance support of a shared resource involve a principal investigator and multiple stakeholders. Individual applications will be considered. Contact the Libin Research Office for more information.

Funding Details

  • Requests for less than $5,000 are managed by the Libin Institute Research Office in consultation with the Research Committee
  • Requests for $5,000 or greater require require at least 25 per cent matching funds committed by the principal investigator(s) at the time of application
  • Report immediate core infrastructure needs-like those involving cold rooms, ice machines, and fume hoods-to the Libin Research Office separately

Eligible Expenses

  • Emergency repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Software or hardware upgrades integral to equipment operation

Ineligible Expenses

  • Multi-year service contracts
  • New research equipment
  • Basic equipment such as pipettes, computer upgrades, PH meters
  • Operating costs
  • Office and lab furniture
  • Non-essential office and lab computers and peripherals 
  • Construction/renovation

Funding Details

  • Primary investigator and majority of collaborators must be primary members of the Libin Institute
  • If there is significant involvement with members from other institutes, shared funding may be considered with other institutes
  • Multiple submissions per investigator are allowed
  • Investigators can be a user on more than one request
  • No maximum amount per request, but partial funding requests may be offered at the discretion of the Research Office, in consultation with the  Research Committee
  • Equipment must be housed within the Libin Institute's space
  • Equipment used for clinical research purposes is eligible
  • Applicants should have other funds available to cover operating and other associated with the equipment

Application details

Applications shouldn't exceed two pages and should include:


  • Describe the equipment that requires maintenance and/or repairs and how the proposed work will enable the investigator's research capabilities 
  • Indicate if the equipment facilitates research that is not possible with the present infrastructure
  • Indicate if there is similar equipment available in the vicinity

Interdisciplinary and strategic focus

  • Describe any active collaborative or multi-user arrangements and how the equipment aligns with the Libin Institute's research goals
  • Describe how often the equipment is used. Is it minor or critical?

Equipment and repair details

  • Describe in detail what needs to be done and how the funds will be used. Specify if the request is for emergency repair, preventative maintenance or critical software or hardware upgrade 
  • Indicate the approximate age of the equipment and where it is located
  • If the request is $5,000 or greater, indicate you are committed to covering at least 25 per cent of the total cost. Indicate your funding source
  • Provide a quote with specifications from at least one vendor by email or fax that outlines the details of maintenance and price. The quote should be dated within 30 days of the request
  • For requests greater than $25,000, provide the appropriate number of quotes based on the University of Calgary’s Supply Chain Management Purchasing Policy (see section on “Bidding Processes”)
  • For equipment that can be purchased from only one supplier, ensure that a Sole/Single Source Justification Form is complete prior to the purchase process
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