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Department of Cardiac Sciences

The Department of Cardiac Sciences is within the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. It includes cardiologists, internal medicine specialists, researchers and cardiac surgeons.

Cardiac Sciences Sections

There are two sections within the Department of Cardiac Sciences and two affiliated sections. 


There are about 75 cardiologists in the Section of Cardiology that cover the four adult-care hospitals within Alberta Health Services' Calgary Zone. In addition, there are a number of clinics situated around the city of Calgary that serve the community, providing general cardiology and specialty services. 

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Cardiac Surgery

There are 10 surgeons within the Section of Cardiac Surgery who perform about 1,500 procedures each year, ranging from complex valve replacements to coronary artery bypasses. The education program within this division attracts the best and brightest from across Canada and is known for its hands-on approach. 

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Cardiac Anesthesiology

Cardiac anesthesiologists hold joint appointments in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Cardiac Sciences, and work closely with cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, cardiac intensivists, cardiac nurses and perfusionists. 

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Cardiac ICU

The Department of Critical Care includes four adult intensive care units located in three tertiary level hospitals. It operates 63 beds, 12 of which are dedicated to post-operative cardiac surgical care.

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patient in cardiac ICU

Leadership Team

Academic & Clinical Department Head

Dr. Vikas Kuriachan, MD

Section Chief Cardiology

Dr. Andrew Howarth, MD

Section Chief Cardiac Surgery

Dr. William (Bill) Kidd, MD

Clinical Director, Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Dr. Nowell Fine, MD

Director, Cardiac Critical Care

Dr. Ken Parhar, MD

Director Cardiac Anesthesia

Dr. Christopher Prusinkiewicz, MD

Executive Director Cardiac Sciences, AHS

Amanda Weiss

Academic Medicine and Health Services Program

The Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP) ensures physicians affiliated with Alberta’s faculties of medicine are compensated for providing patient care along with their work related to research, innovation, education, administration and leadership.