students presenting their posters at Tine Haworth Cardiovascular Research Day 2023

Tine Haworth Cardiovascular Research Day

Join us April 30, 2024 as we showcase the cardiovascular research by trainees at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute


Presentation Guidelines

  • Limited spots available
  • Four-minute oral presentation with one-minute Q&A
  • Judged competition
  • Five slides maximum (including title slide)


  • Limited spots available
  • Eight-minute oral presentation with a two-minute Q&A session
  • Judged competition
  • Maximum three slides (including title slide)
  • High-level research overview
  • 250 words or less
  • Should reflect your research efforts as the first author
  • More than one abstract per first author trainee may be submitted
  • A limited number of trainee abstracts will be selected to present TED-Style Talk
  • Rapid Fire Talks (RFT) will be selected from abstracts submitted for this part of the agenda.


  • $200 for awarded presentations 
    • Poster Presentation
    • Oral Presentation – RFT
    • Oral Presentation – TED Style Talk
    • Sex and Gender Award (Rapid Fire Talk)
    • Sex and Gender Award (Poster Competition)
  • The Sex and Gender Award (Poster Competition) will be assessed on the contents of your poster. You do not need to be present at your poster to be eligible for this award.
Atrium view of the 2022 Research Day

2024 Agenda

Agenda subject to change. Scroll down to learn more about the speakers for this year's event. 

TimeWhat's HappeningLocation
8:00Registration / Breakfast HMRB Atrium
8:25 Opening Remarks - Dr. Satish RajLibin Theatre
8:30Atrial Fibrillation in Diabetes Mellitus: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches - Dr. Robert RoseLibin Theatre
9:00Powerhouses in Peril: Exploring Mitochondrial Metabolic Shifts and Vascular Pathologies - Dr. Vaibhav PatelLibin Theatre
9:30BreakHMRB Atrium

TED Style Talks 

Jessica Wager, PhD Trainee - "Redox Balance is a Key Regulator of Adipogenesis"

Kavithra Karalasingham, MSc Trainee - "Volume loading improves cardiac function in patients with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome to mimic healthy individuals"

Megan Meechem, PhD Trainee - "Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Transdifferentiation and Mitochondrial Dynamics in Atherosclerosis"

Jordan Gibson, MD, Clinical Trainee - "Novel algorithm applied in pilot heart failure continuity clinic demonstrates safe strategy for rapid gdmt titration"

Shrushti Shah, PhD Trainee - "Microbiota-Metabolite Dynamics and Hypertension Risk in Middle-Aged Women: Role of Gut-Mediated Tryptophan Metabolism"

Libin Theatre
10:45My Journal as a Cardiovascular Investigator - Dr. Ian DixonLibin Theatre
11:15Lunch / Poster JudgingHRIC Atrium

Rapid Fire Talks

Ali Fatehi, MD, Clinical Trainee  - "Clinical Outcomes of Isolated Right Anterior Mini-Thoracotomy Aortic Valve Replacement: A North American and European Multicenter Study"

Asmi Multani, Undergraduate Trainee - "Comparison of Multi-Chamber CMR Phenotype and Clinical Outcomes in ATTR Versus AL Cardiac Amyloidosis"

Heshini Dalpathadu, PhD Trainee - "Uremic toxin concentrations differ between children and adults and indoxyl sulfate decreases contractility in cardiomyocytes derived from human iPSCs"

Shaun Ranada, PhD Trainee - "Hyperventilation in Patients with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Effects of Tidal Volume versus Hypocapnia on Heart Rate"

Simrandeep Kaur, PhD Trainee - "Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 atrial electrophysiology and atrial fibrosis in type 1 diabetic akita mice"

Sun Woo Kim, MSc Trainee - "Decellularized Plant Leaves as an Alternative Biomaterial to Modulate Post-Infarct Cardiac Remodeling"

Taylor Scheidl, PhD Trainee - "A Permissive Effect of Estrogen on Adipogenesis in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Protects Females Against Obesity-Associated Cardiometabolic Dysfunction"

Laura Hernandez, MSc Trainee - "Depression and Anxiety Symptom Improvement Among Patients Who Complete Cardiac Rehabilitation" 

Libin Theatre
15:00Dr. E.R. Smith Lectureship - Lecture - Dr. Ian DixonLibin Theatre
16:00Poster Viewing & Ice Cream ReceptionHRIC Atrium
16:25Awards Presentation HRIC Atrium
16:45Wrap up HRIC Atrium


2024 E.R. Smith Lecturer

The Dr. E.R. Smith Lectureship in Cardiovascular Research was established to honour Dr. Eldon Smith, who served as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 1992-1997.  

The lectureship, created to further scientific knowledge and training of students in the area of cardiovascular disease, is delivered annually by a distinguished researcher at the Libin Institute's Tine Haworth Cardiovascular Research Day. The winner also meets informally with Libin faculty and trainees to exchange scientific ideas. 

2024 Lecturer: Dr. Ian Dixon, PhD

About the Speaker

Dr. Ian Dixon, PhD, has worked a professor of physiology at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Manitoba since 1992. He now heads the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology. His research interests are in cardiac fibrosis and bio-engineered extra-cellular matrix scaffolds. 

Dr. Dixon has published 110 peer reviewed publications, 20 book chapters with 124 abstracts and edited four books. He has served on many national and international review committees in basic cardiovascular sciences, including chairing for reviews on five different CIHR committees and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. He is a reviewer for several cardiovascular journals, including Cardiovascular Research, Circulation, British Journal of Pharmacology and American Journal of Physiology. 

Dr. Dixon has earned numerous awards and distinctions, including the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba Robert E. Beamish Memorial Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research (2001 and 2007).


Dr. Ian Dixon

Dr. Ian Dixon, PhD

2024 Scientific Talks

Dr. Vaibhav Patel

Dr. Vaibhav Patel, PhD

About the Speaker

Dr. Vaibhav Patel is an associate professor and cardiovascular researcher at the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, University of Calgary. His research interests include developing novel cardiovascular therapeutics based on intercellular communications and understanding the metabolic basis of vascular pathologies. Dr. Patel has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles in top-ranked journals including Circulation Research, Nature Communications, Diabetes, Hypertension. He has received various awards, including the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Young Investigator Award, the Heart and Stroke Foundation New Investigator Award, the Todd Anderson Cardiovascular Research Award and the CCS Cardiometabolic Award. 


Dr. Robert Rose

Dr. Robert Rose, PhD

About the Speaker:

Dr. Robert Rose is a professor in the Departments of Cardiac Sciences and Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Calgary. His research program is focused on the study of cardiac arrhythmias in the setting of common forms of cardiovascular disease such as hypertension, heart failure and diabetes mellitus as well as in association with aging and frailty. Work from Dr. Rose’s laboratory in these areas is consistently published in highly regarded, high impact journals. Dr. Rose has received many awards such as New Investigator awards from The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (2014-2019) and The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2009-2014). Dr. Rose currently holds the DG Wyse-Libin Cardiovascular Institute Professorship in Cardiovascular Research and is a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society.

Student presenting their research project