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Get to know the Libin Cardiovascular Institute's Operations Team

Meet the Libin Operations Team

Lisa Petermann, Operations Director

Operations Director

Dr. Lisa Petermann, PhD

Lisa oversees all of the Libin Institute’s operations and program development. She also works closely with the leadership team and Strategic Advisory board. If you have an idea for a project or initiative, need a contact for your grant or project, want assistance working through University systems, or just want to find out more about the Institute, please contact Lisa.

Melanie King

Director of Program Development & Implementation

Dr. Melanie King, PhD

Melanie leads the Precision Medicine Initiative and facilitates the integration, governance, and analysis of data for cardiovascular research in collaboration with the Department of Cardiac Sciences, the Centre for Health Informatics, and the Mozell Family Analysis Core. Melanie is an education and program specialist and is developing capacity-building opportunities for clinicians and analysts in the use of cardiovascular data for research. If you want to know more, or if you have questions or ideas about your practice or research that could be addressed using existing data sources, please reach out to Melanie. 

lauren drogos

Program Director

Dr. Lauren Drogos, PhD


Lauren oversees the Libin Institute's Initiatives, including the Women's Health Initiative, which works to address knowledge and treatment gaps in women’s cardiovascular research and clinical care by incorporating biological sex and sociocultural gender considerations. Contact Lauren if you have questions about including sex and gender perspectives in your research at the Libin institute, or if you have questions or input for the Libin's Initiatives.

Christina Faulkner

Clinical Innovation, Technology, Transformation & Education

Christina Faulkner


Christina works with clinicians, researchers and industry with the goal of actively connecting clinicians and researchers to bolster the academic medicine mandate of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute and enhance transdisciplinary collaboration. With more than 15 years experience in post-graduate education, Christina assists with the development of new clinical fellowship programs and is a resource for existing programs across the Institute. If you want to know more or have questions or ideas, please reach out.


janelle Hastings

Operations Manager

Janelle Hastings

Janelle manages the financial and administrative operations for the institute. She is responsible for budget creation, fund transfers, invoice creation and payments for the institute. She also manages space and access requests for the Libin footprint, Core Lab services and IT. If you have any questions regarding space or finances, please reach out to Janelle.

Heather Agren

Clinical Innovation Initiative Director

Heather Agren RN, BN


Heather is responsible for the planning and execution of the new Clinical Innovation Initiative. As the Libin liaison to the Department of Cardiac Sciences, Heather works to extend the bridge of engagement for Libin clinical members through programs such as the Academic Mentoring Program, Clinical-Research Integration Program, education initiatives for Nurse members of the Institute and an interdisciplinary Wellness Program.  If you have any inquiries or suggestions for these programs, please contact Heather.

Dawn Smith

Senior Communications Officer

Dawn Smith

Dawn oversees all external and internal communications for the Institute and coordinates media coverage with the Cumming School of Medicine. If you, or a colleague or student, publish a paper, win an award, receive a grant or are asked to comment to the media, please let Dawn know and she will share the good news. She can also assist you with social media, website creation and marketing materials.

Megan Smith

Event Specialist

Megan Smith

Megan coordinates external and internal events for the Institute providing a range of services from on-site support, logistics management, venue and vendor recommendations and negotiations,  project management and execution. This includes member-driven events, community outreach, conferences, meetings, celebrations, recognition events and Gala, to name a few. If you have questions, or have an idea for an event or community engagement opportunity, please contact Megan.

Stacey Brown

Digital Engagement Specialist

Stacey Brown


Stacey oversees the Libin Institute's social media strategy, marketing and website. She is a graphic designer with experience in digital and print advertising. Contact Stacey with questions about your marketing and promotional needs. 



Amanda Wagner

Community Engagement Specialist

Amanda Wagner


Amanda supports the Institute in accomplishing its mission and goals by developing and implementing strategies to nurture a positive community presence. Amanda helps establish, maintain, and coordinate effective relationships and dialogue with Institute researchers, key internal and external partners, and relevant support teams within the CSM. Amanda helps to create awareness and engagement from internal and external community members. If you have any suggestions, questions, community events or would like resources, please reach out to Amanda. 

headshot of Alina

Operations Coordinator

Alina Kotylova


Alina supports the Libin Cardiovascular Institute’s Operations Team and helps keep it running. She also supports research and education initiatives. Alina fosters collaboration between research members of the Institute, and connects members and trainees with relevant funding opportunities and resources. If you would like to learn more about research and education supports available, please contact Alina. 

photo of Samantha Morahan

Clinical Engagement Specialist

Samantha Morahan


Samantha is a dedicated liaison to the Department of Cardiac Sciences, guiding clinical members in fostering collaborations and advancing impactful initiatives. She leads the planning and execution of the Clinical Innovation Initiatives such as Heart Failure, the Calgary Aortic Program, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, and Cardio-Oncology. She welcomes clinical members to connect for any inquiries or suggestions they might have.