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Get to know the Libin Cardiovascular Institute's Operations Team

Meet the Libin Operations Team

Melanie King

Director of Program Development and Implementation

Dr. Melanie King, PhD

The director of program development & implementation leads the Precision Medicine Initiative and facilitates the integration, governance and analysis of data for cardiovascular research. 

Lauren Drogos headshot

Director of Research and Integration

Dr. Lauren Drogos, PhD

The director of research and integration oversees the research programs, core facilities and initiatives of the institute, including the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative and P2 Initiative. 

Christina Faulkner

Senior Manager Clinical Innovation and Women's Cardiovascular Clinic

Christina Faulkner

The manager of clinical innovation, technology, transformation and education connects clinicians and researchers to bolster the academic medicine mandate of the Institute and enhance transdisciplinary collaboration. 

janelle Hastings

Senior Manager Business and Operations

Janelle Hastings

The senior manager of business and operations manages the financial and administrative operations of the Institute. 

Dawn Smith

Senior Communications Officer

Dawn Smith

The senior communications officer oversees all external and internal communications for the Institute and coordinates media coverage with the Cumming School of Medicine. 

Megan Smith

Event Specialist

Megan Smith

The event specialist coordinates external and internal events for the Institute. 

Stacey Brown

Digital Engagement Specialist

Stacey Brown

The digital engagement specialist oversees the Institute's social media strategy, marketing and website. 

photo of Samantha Morahan

Clinical Engagement Specialist

Samantha Morahan

The clinical engagement specialist leads the planning and execution of the clinical innovation initiatives and guides clinical members in fostering collaborations. 

headshot of Alina

Operations Coordinator - Education

Alina Kotylova

The operations coordinator role supports the education and administrative functions of the institute, as well as the Women's Cardiovascular Health (WCHI) Initiative.

Judy Siu

Operations Coordinator - Research

Judy Siu

The operations coordinator role supports the research and administrative functions of the institute, as well as the Person-to Population (P2) Initiative.

Amanda Wagner

Community Engagement Specialist

Amanda Wagner

The community engagement specialist coordinates the Institute’s community engagement efforts.