May 27, 2022

UCalgary postdoctoral associate works to solve energy efficiency

Process of producing graphene proves cost effective and efficient for energy storage solutions


Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh monitors graphene production Jordan Witzel

UCalgary postdoctoral associate Ashutosh Singh is on his way to solving two global challenges. Singh is finding efficient and cost-effective ways to produce graphene from graphite, and he is applying this process to improving energy storage in battery systems.

“Our technology is very unique because we use certain chemicals which do not disrupt the environment and does not produce a lot of carbon dioxide,” says Singh. “We use electrical energy that we can also produce through renewable energy, and we are doing that with efficiency that is very high, above 90 per cent.”

Singh is hoping to commercialize his process and has founded a graphene manufacturing company called Bee Energy, in partnership with Dr. Edward Roberts at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at UCalgary.