May 9, 2024

Professor named lead author in biodiversity and climate change assessment

Project being led by US Geological Survey

Professor Shaun Fluker is participating as a lead author in the Biodiversity and Climate Change Assessment being led by the US Geological Survey in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada and Mexico’s National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity. The Assessment will produce a report that provides decision-makers in all three countries with an understanding  concerning key linkages between biodiversity and climate change, identify critical knowledge gaps, and summarize implications for biodiversity and climate change policy. 

"Serving as a lead author in this assessment will allow me to apply my research to inform government decision-making on addressing the nexus between threats to biodiversity and climate change, as well as provide me with a unique opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge with other lead authors who are scholars and experts in law and policy concerning marine and terrestrial protected areas, endangered species, freshwater conservation, Indigenous rights, and climate change in North America," says Fluker.

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