Portal jumper

Researching resources as an Indigenous undergraduate student
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Image by Johnson Martin from Pixabay

Have you struggled with foraging resources as an Indigenous undergraduate student? You are not alone. Along my academic journey, I have searched for resources through many web portals. I call this portal jumping. I was searching for the right resources to help reduce some of the challenges and barriers I face. It took five years of studying, researching, and asking for help to portal jump in confidence. The University of Calgary has a large web of resources. If you are a new student and are feeling lost, that can be scary. I have often felt anxiety, frustration, or anger when portal jumping. I like to call these stressors, jumper tension. Now, I want to help reduce any jumper tension you may feel while you search for resources. Here are some ways to ease jumper tension. They address the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of our holistic being.

Four ways to ease jumper tension

  1. WALK AWAY! Getting frustrated? Is the constant jumping getting to you? Disconnect, go for a walk, and find a green space. Research supports that Indigenous peoples' access to green spaces affects our health.
  2. ASK FOR HELP! Peers, faculty, and staff may have the answers you are looking for. I often found myself at the Writing Symbols Lodge when I needed support, guidance, or a quiet space to work.
  3. STAY HYDRATED! Sometimes we focus so hard on our goals and tasks, that we neglect our personal needs. Keeping a bottle of water and a light snack nearby can help you recharge when you feel low on energy.
  4. MAKE A MAP! Bookmark the live portals you enter, and if you can, contact the portal host if a link is not working. For example, if a web page for the Writing Symbols Lodge is broken, email their office to let them know.

Portal jumping can be tiring and stressful. I hope these tips help you navigate the web with confidence and ease.

You got this, cousin.

For more resources and support, you can review these portals: