April 19, 2023

Law alumni connect in new affinity group

UCalgary law alumna Wilma Shim starts group for connection and networking
Wilma Shim has created an Alumni network for law graduates of UCalgary
Wilma Shim has created an Alumni network for law graduates of UCalgary. Wilma Shim

A brand-new affinity group for Faculty of Law alumni has been launched, giving graduates another way to develop their network and keep connected to their alma mater.

Since the Faculty of Law Alumni Network received approval from the University of Calgary Alumni Association (UCAA) last year, UCAA board member Wilma Shim, BSc’07, JD’10, has been building the network and reaching out to UCalgary Law grads to sign up. 

“With law grads there is a lot of connection, and it is a very small legal community here in Calgary,” says Shim, who is also a chair of the Kinesiology Alumni Network and the Chancellors Club Scholars’ Alumni Network.

“It’s really important for us to maintain those connections. Referrals can happen, advice from different lawyers. People might move firms or might transition to a different area of law and it would be wonderful to them to know someone that has that UCalgary Law connection, reach out to them and then be able to start a different path, if they so wish.” 

The first-ever event for the group is planned for May 17 at the City Building Design Lab at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape in downtown Calgary. The event will offer people a chance to meet new friends, connect with old ones and network. The event will also provide law alum with an opportunity to get updated headshots that will be offered by fellow law grad Melissa Pearson, JD’12, who started a photography company called Birdy Photography Co. A portion of the proceeds from the photos will go to the Society of Law Students Bursary.

Shim says the new affinity group could also help new grads by giving them connections to older grads with more experience. 

“Networking and mentorship is very important in law,” she says. “It’s amazing how connection can lead to a new opportunity for a new practice area or a different firm, and I do think that current students or recent alumni will be able to really benefit from being able to reach out to individuals who have been practising for many years.” 

Shim hopes to have many more events for the new network in the future. “I hope that this community can continue to grow,” she says. “It is pretty amazing that we have 43 classes of law graduates and perhaps individuals may not have remained connected to each other or faculty, and so I am excited to see where this network can go and who we can stay connected with and engaged with and moving forward knowing it can stay sustainable with the support of the University of Calgary Alumni Association.” 

Alumni can get involved with the group via LinkedIn or email Shim at wilmashim@gmail.com.

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