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Learn about the resources available to members of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Membership Types

There are four types of memberships in the Libin Cardiovascular Institute with different expectations and benefits.

Libin Clinical Membership is open to nurses, physicians, surgeons and technicians working in cardiovascular care.

Libin Research Membership is open to individuals who conduct or participant in an investigative undertaking in the field of cardiovascular health.

Libin Trainee Membership is open to undergraduates, graduates, post-doctoral fellows, residents or fellows at the University of Calgary. 

Libin Community Membership is open to members of the community, global partners and professionals outside of the University of Calgary.

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Member Resources

UCalgary’s Research Services Office has a Research Opportunities Database that shows upcoming funding opportunities. Unless otherwise noted, the Grants and Awards Division in Research Services has a standard internal deadline of noon, two business days in advance of the funding agency deadline, to receive grant applications for review and approval. Applicants can still receive an optional detailed administrative review, provided that a complete copy of the application is submitted at least two weeks in advance of the funding agency deadline to allow for feedback and revisions.

The Research Management System (RMS) is a new platform that manages the pre-award, post-award and publication phases of a research grant or contract. RMS interfaces with other UCalgary systems, such as IRISS and PeopleSoft, throughout the Grants and Contracts lifecycle, with the goal of providing a seamless process for grants and award management, eliminating re-keying of data and heightening transparency into the status of applications at any time.

The CSM’s Clinical Trials Core is made up of several groups that offer everything from coordination of research to data, methods and quality assurance support. For more information, contact Sabine Moritz at

For information on core facilities at the CSM, visit the Centre for Advanced Technologies and UCalgary Core Facilities page. For general inquiries, contact Angela Krawetz, the Director of Strategic Projects and Core Facilities at the CSM at 403.210.8114 or

For safety information for researchers, including safety standards, codes of practice, reporting an incident, and OHS Management System, visit the Environment, Health and Safety webpage at the CSM. To complete a lab check in, or for enquiries, contact Megan McDonald, a lab safety specialist at the CSM. She can be reached at 403.210.8589 or

All research, funded or unfunded, involving humans, animals or biohazards must first be reviewed by and receive approval from the appropriate board or committee before research can begin. If your research involves any of the above, please visit UCalgary Ethics and Compliance.

The Libin team can assist you in finding contacts, handling processes at the University and getting started with your research. The Cumming School of Medicine offers numerous resources. For other must-have information and contacts, click the button below. 

Dr. Vikas Kuriachan is the Cardiac Sciences Wellness Officer and leads the physician wellness initiative within the Department of Cardiac Sciences. If you are looking for resources or want to get involved, please contact him at or 403-944-3282.

Dr. Nowell Fine is the Clinical Director of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. Dr. Fine assists clinical members by helping orient them to the objectives and functions of the Institute. Dr. Fine can help clinical members develop new projects or initiatives, including assistance navigating coordination and pursuing opportunities within the Institute, University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Dr. Fine also oversees the mentorship program for early career clinical members. You can contact him at

  • The Mozell Core Analysis Lab is a shared resource centre within the Libin Cardiovascular Institute that manages health data, provides biostatistical and analytical consultation and translates information into knowledge for action. Contact for more information.
  • The Core Pathology Lab is a shared resource centre within the Libin Cardiovascular Institute to manage and process human and animal tissue, cultured cells and artificial samples. Services are open to all University of Calgary principal investigators, including their staff and students. Contact Dr. Yong-Xiang Chen, PhD, at for more information.
  • The Centre for Health Informatics advances the mandate of the CSM’s focus on precision medicine and precision public health. It brings together data assets to foster collaboration among investigators, support grant development, recruit faculty and students, develop cutting-edge analytics, and build capacity in data science and machine-learning. Contact Dr. Cathy Eastwood, PhD, at for more information.
  • The Cardiovascular Physiology Core aids members of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute in their research to understand the impact of disease on the heart and vascular system. This support is mediated through the development and characterization of cardiovascular disease models (small animal: mouse and rat) and the ability to visualize and characterize the phenotypic changes associated with these models.  For more information contact Dr. Darrell Belke, PhD, at

The Libin Institute encourages members planning to submit a grant to participate in the Institute’s Test Your Concept and Internal Peer Review Programs. Available to all Libin members, these programs are designed to offer feedback, support and guidance on grant applications at the early stage of development (Test Your Concept) and once an initial draft of the proposal is written (Internal Peer Review). For information on these programs contact the Libin Operations team at or visit the link below.  

The Cumming School of Medicine’s Grant Development & Research Facilitation group assists researchers with pre- and post-award processes for investigator initiated research funding. This team is your first point of contact for external funding agency applications. For questions, contact Jenna Slobozian, Manager, Grant Development at or 403.210.7299.

Ideas for projects that further the Libin’s mandate of integrating research, education and clinical care can also be discussed with Dr. Lisa Petermann, the Libin’s Operations Director. She can be reached at

  • The Research Update Seminar Series (RUSS) is a platform for trainees to present their research, get feedback from their peers and Libin faculty members, and increase knowledge about one another's research. RUSS is held biweekly.
  • Cardiovascular Journal Club (CJC) is an interactive platform for trainees to critically evaluate recent scientific articles.
  • The External Speaker Series is a monthly event featuring established researchers from outside of the University of Calgary. The program's goal is to stimulate discussion and idea exchange and enhance research collaboration.
  • Cardiac Sciences Grand Rounds occurs weekly from September through June and features local, national and international speakers who present their research and meet with cardiology fellows for a dedicated teaching session.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute offers its trainee members numerous award and scholarship opportunities. For more information about our unique scholarships, summer studentships and awards, visit the link below. 

The Beat Goes on Gala is held in September to raise proceeds to support cutting-edge research and care delivery initiatives at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. This black-tie event has raised more than $5.2 million since its inception in 2014.

The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) Prize for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research was established in honour of Mr. Alvin Libin for his many contributions to the AHFMR (now Alberta Innovates). This $25,000 prize is awarded to an outstanding international researcher whose work has had a major impact on the understanding, prevention, recognition, or treatment of cardiovascular disease. The event includes a public lecture.

Meet the Libin Operations Team

Lisa Petermann, Operations Director

Operations Director

Dr. Lisa Petermann, PhD

The operations director oversees operations and program development, working closely with the leadership team and Strategic Advisory board. 

Melanie King

Director of Program Development and Implementation

Dr. Melanie King, PhD

The director of program development & implementation leads the Precision Medicine Initiative and facilitates the integration, governance and analysis of data for cardiovascular research. 

Lauren Drogos headshot

Director of Research and Integration

Dr. Lauren Drogos, PhD

The director of research and integration oversees the research programs, core facilities and initiatives of the institute, including the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative and P2 Initiative. 

Christina Faulkner

Manager of Clinical Innovation, Technology, Transformation and Education

Christina Faulkner

The manager of clinical innovation, technology, transformation and education connects clinicians and researchers to bolster the academic medicine mandate of the Institute and enhance transdisciplinary collaboration. 

janelle Hastings

Operations Manager

Janelle Hastings

The operations manager manages the financial and administrative operations of the Institute. 

Dawn Smith

Senior Communications Officer

Dawn Smith

The senior communications officer oversees all external and internal communications for the Institute and coordinates media coverage with the Cumming School of Medicine. 

Megan Smith

Event Specialist

Megan Smith

The event specialist coordinates external and internal events for the Institute. 

Stacey Brown

Digital Engagement Specialist

Stacey Brown

The digital engagement specialist oversees the Institute's social media strategy, marketing and website. 

photo of Samantha Morahan

Clinical Engagement Specialist

Samantha Morahan

The clinical engagement specialist leads the planning and execution of the clinical innovation initiatives and guides clinical members in fostering collaborations. 

headshot of Alina

Operations Coordinator

Alina Kotylova

The operations coordinator supports the administrative functions of the institute and the research and education initiatives.

Judy Siu

Operations Coordinator

Judy Siu

The operations coordinator supports the administrative functions of the institute and the research and education initiatives. 

Amanda Wagner

Community Engagement Specialist

Amanda Wagner

The community engagement specialist coordinates the Institute’s community engagement efforts.