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Improving cardiovascular health through life-changing research


The Libin Cardiovascular Institute aims to reduce the burden of suffering and premature death due to cardiovascular disease through transformative research.

A major goal of the Institute is to support world-class research across all four CIHR pillars of research. By supporting our members and their research programs, we aim to maintain and enhance our reputation as an internationally recognized centre of excellence in cardiovascular research to improve patient outcomes. In our Strategic Research Plan for 2022-2027, we have laid out the following goals and outcomes:

Research Goals

To support and facilitate the research activities of Libin members as they conduct world-class cardiovascular science through the following:

  • Recruitment - Maintain research capacity and honor our research mission
  • Research Support - Enhance capacity and capabilities through investment in research infrastructure and resources
  • Collaboration - Enhance research activities by promoting and fostering collaboration amongst scientists
  • Operational Support - Protect scientist's time and minimize troubleshooting and searching
  • Recognition and Promotion - Ensure members feel valued and are proud to be members of the Institute

Research Outcomes

Through these goals we aim to provide:

  • Access to Funding - Enhance ability to obtain external funding to support research
  • Belonging - Ensure members feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction
  • Excellence - Enhance local, national and international reputation for excellence
  • Training - Enhance reputation as a centre for training the next generation of cardiovascular leaders
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Strategic Research Plan 2022-2027 Infographic

Involving patients in choosing what to research and how to research means we learn how to correct mistakes and do things better than we did before.

Winnie Pearson

Patient-researcher and Patient-adviser

Our Initiatives

Two million Canadians have suffered cardiovascular disease or stroke. At $25 billion annually, the cost to our health care system is staggering, accounting for 10 per cent of total health care costs. The Libin Cardiovascular Institute is tackling these problems head on through world-class cardiovascular research, training and clinical care. 

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute’s four initiatives are at the heart of this work. They drive our research and ultimately enable us in our mission to improve cardiovascular outcomes for Albertans at all ages and stages of life.


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Precision Medicine Initiative

Our goal is to spark innovation to navigate the complexities of the human system so we can predict and prevent disease and provide more personalized care

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Clinical Innovation Initiative

Our goal is to provide patients with tomorrow’s health care today by accelerating the speed of health care innovation and implementation

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P2 Initiative

Our goal is to engage communities to help us identify, study and address the challenges impacting health

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Women's Cardiovascular Health Initiative

Our goal is to improve the odds for women locally and globally by closing the gap in cardiovascular research, training and care

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