Endowed Chairs & Professorships

Endowed Chairs and Professorships are established by the philanthropic community and/or organizations to develop, promote and recognize research excellence throughout the university. The income generated by the endowments enhances the recruitment and retention of internationally renowned candidates who provide leadership and vision to specific research programs. 

Our members hold the following Endowed Chairs and Professorships:

DG Wyse-Libin Professorship in Cardiovascular Research: Dr. Robert Rose

Brenda Strafford Foundation Chair in Alzheimer Research: Dr. Marc Poulin

Roy and Vi Baay Chair in Kidney Research: Dr. Pietro Ravani

Chiu Family/AstraZeneca Chair in Cardiovascular Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Dr. Hude Quan

HSF Chair in Cardiovascular Research: Dr. Wayne Chen

Merck Chair in Cardiovascular Research: Dr. Paul Fedak

David Freeze Chair in Health Research: Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Svare Professorship in Health Economics: Dr.  Braden Manns

Martha Brauer Chair in Women’s Cardiovascular Health: Dr. Roopinder K. Sandhu 

HSF-Libin Institute Professorship in Cardiovascular Research: TBD


female researcher working in a lab
male researcher working in a lab