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Transformative research is key to enabling better cardiovascular health. The Libin Cardiovascular Institute is recognized internationally for its cutting-edge research

Research Goals

Discover disease mechanisms, disease progression and novel therapies

Detect modifiable risk markers and disease progression

Deliver patient centered and individualized, precision therapy

Develop tools to more actively engage patients and their caregivers

Demonstrate value to our partners and the community

Research Priorities

The Libin Institute's research vision is to reduce the burden of suffering and premature death due to cardiovascular disease through transformative research

It's two foundational research priorities are Vascular Health & Disease and Arrhythmias & Autonomic Dysfunction.

Our researchers and trainees come from a variety of academic backgrounds and clinical disciplines, this diverse, multi-discipline approach lends us strength as a research institute. 

Key research infrastructure platforms, including the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre, the Mozell Family Analysis Core Lab, a variety of basic science core facilities and the APPROACH database support our research training, while developing their own reputations for excellence. 

Research Lab

Research Committee

The Research Committee develops, implements, monitors and evaluates the Institute's research strategy. Members ensure research activities align with the the priorities outlined in the Strategic Research Plan. The committee makes recommendations to the Libin Executive Committee and is responsible for the following:

The development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute research strategy. This includes strategic planning and consulting. 

A communication and outreach plan that promotes Libin research activities and accomplishments.

The committee is open to inquiries. Contact the board at


Chair: Dr. Robert Rose

Dr. Sofia Ahmed

Dr. Sonia Butalia

Dr. Andrew Braun

Dr. Wayne Chen

Dr. Nowell Fine

Dr. Julio Garcia Flores

Dr. Vaibhav Patel

Dr. Satish Raj

Dr. Joon Lee