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Libin Cardiovascular Institute Office

Heritage Medical Research Building (HMRB)
Room 72
Foothills Campus, University of Calgary
3310 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1

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Phone: 403.210.6271



Doctors and clinics

If you are looking for a specific doctor or clinic information, please visit the link below and enter  
Cardiac Surgery or Cardiology in the practice discipline field before clicking on the search button.

New patient referrals

Doctors wishing to refer a new cardiac or cardiac surgery patient are asked to visit the link below. 

Meet the Libin office team

Lisa Petermann, Operations Director

Operations Director

Dr. Lisa Petermann, PhD

Phone: 403.210.7103

Lisa oversees all of the Libin Institute’s operations and program development. She also works closely with the leadership team and Strategic Advisory board. If you have an idea for a project or initiative, need a contact for your grant or project, want assistance working through University systems, or just want to find out more about the Institute, please contact Lisa.

Dawn Smith, Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Dawn Smith

Phone: 403.220.5917

Dawn oversees all external and internal communications for the Institute and coordinates media coverage with the Cumming School of Medicine. If you, or a colleague or student, publish a paper, win an award, receive a grant or are asked to comment to the media, please let Dawn know and she will share the good news. She can also assist you with social media, website creation and marketing materials.

Camilia Thieba

Person to Population Program Coordinator

Camilia Thieba

Phone: 403.220.7469

Camilia is an epidemiologist and coordinates the activities of the Person to Population (P2) research collaborative group within the Libin Institute. This group focuses on using data and medical knowledge to optimize cardiovascular health in Alberta and beyond. If you want to know more about P2, or find out how you can get involved, please contact Camilia.

Megan Smith, Libin Cardiovascular Institute events coordinator

Events Coordinator

Megan Smith


Megan coordinates all external and internal events for the Institute. She is also responsible for all of the Libin’s processes, including scholarships, travel and publication awards, catalyst and bridge funding, and research equipment and maintenance. If you have questions about any of these processes, or have an idea for engaging with the community, please contact Megan. 

John Nystrom

Systems Manager

John Nystrom

Phone: 403.220.4622

John provides IT services for the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, mostly focused on the research labs and clinical research areas within the Cumming School of Medicine. He provides desktop support, consulting, troubleshooting and maintenance services, and works closely with outside vendors and his IT colleagues within the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. If you need assistance in any of these areas, contact John at

Melanie Rosario

Data Initiative Lead

Melanie Rosario


Melanie is leading the new Libin Data Initiative and will be facilitating the integration, governance, and analysis of data for cardiovascular research in collaboration with the Department of Cardiac Sciences, the Centre for Health Informatics, and the Mozell Family Analysis Core. Melanie is an education and program specialist and will also develop capacity building opportunities for clinicians and analysts in the use of cardiovascular data for research. If you want to know more, or if you have questions or ideas about your practice or research that could be addressed using existing data sources, please reach out to Melanie. 

Erik Olsson, Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Erik Olsson


Erik coordinates the financial and administrative operations for the institute. He is responsible for budget tracking, fund transfers, invoice creation and payments for the institute. Contact him also for keys, door access, boardroom bookings and general inquiries. 

Heather Agren, Clinical Engagement Specialist

Clinical Engagement Specialist

Heather Agren RN, BN


Heather is responsible for the planning and execution of the new Clinical Innovation Initiative. As the Libin liaison to the Department of Cardiac Sciences, Heather works to extend the bridge of engagement for Libin clinical members through programs such as the Academic Mentoring Program, Clinical-Research Integration Program, education initiatives for Nurse members of the Institute and an interdisciplinary Wellness Program.  If you have any inquiries or suggestions for these programs, please contact Heather.

Cardiovascular care in Calgary

Institute members work out of numerous locations around the city of Calgary. Our members are experts in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions. 


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