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Libin Cardiovascular Institute Office

Heritage Medical Research Building (HMRB)
Room 72
Foothills Campus, University of Calgary
3310 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1

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Doctors and clinics

If you are looking for a specific doctor or clinic information, please visit the link below and enter  
Cardiac Surgery or Cardiology in the practice discipline field before clicking on the search button.

New patient referrals

Doctors wishing to refer a new cardiac or cardiac surgery patient are asked to visit the link below. 

Meet the Libin office team

Lisa Petermann, Operations Director

Operations Director

Lisa Petermann

Phone: 403.210.7103


Judy Siu, Research Officer

Research Officer

Judy Siu 

Phone: 403.220.5801

Dawn Smith, Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Dawn Smith

Phone: 403.220.5917

Barsha Rimal, Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Barsha Rimal

Phone: 403.210.6818

Alexa Desjarlais, Women's Cardiovascular Health Program Coordinator

Women's Cardiovascular Health Program Coordinator

Alexa Desjarlais

Phone: 403.210.6157

Camilia Thieba

Person to Population Program Coordinator

Camilia Thieba

Phone: 403.220.7469

Megan Smith, Libin Cardiovascular Institute events coordinator

Events Coordinator

Megan Smith


Cardiovascular care in Calgary

Institute members work out of numerous locations around the city of Calgary. Our members are experts in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions. 


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