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Section of Cardiology

The Section of Cardiology operates as a city-wide, integrated model, delivering cardiac care at all four acute care hospitals in Calgary.

About the Section of Cardiology

The Section of Cardiology operates as a city-wide, integrated model, delivering cardiac care at all four acute care hospitals in Calgary. It’s the only program in Canada that operates on this unique model and is also amongst the largest programs in Canada, with 58 active cardiologists providing care in large outpatient general cardiology and sub-specialty clinics. The section is recognized as a national leader in several fields. The section provides care in several large outpatient general cardiology and sub-specialty clinics around the city.

Section members also provide primary cardiology care and diagnostic testing that include exercise testing, echocardiography, myocardial perfusion imaging, CT angiography, cardiac MRI and coronary angiography. Highly specialized care is provided at the Foothills Medical Centre with the regional coronary catheterization lab, additional specialized cardiology inpatient services and a cardiac critical care unit (CCU).

All other hospitals in the Calgary zone offer undifferentiated cardiology inpatient services including CCU capacity (SHC, PLC, RGH).

Sub-Specialty Clinics

  • arrhythmia
  • atrial fibrillation
  • adult congenital heart disease
  • aortopathies
  • cardio-oncology
  • cardiac implantable electronic devices
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • valve
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • heart failure and transplant
  • syncope and autonomic dysfunction
  • neuromuscular
  • cardiology rapid access clinics

History of Cardiology in Calgary

Calgary has a long history of excellence in cardiac care. The legacy began in the 1930s with the arrival of Calgary’s first cardiac specialist, Dr. Dr. E.P Scarlett. His mentee George E. Miller left Calgary to pursue specialization in what was then known as chest surgery. Miller returned in 1956 with skills in vascular and thoracic surgery. Dr. Miller, along with Dr. John Morgan, an internal medicine specialist, formed the first cardiac group in Calgary. Situated at the Holy Cross Hospital, the group laid the groundwork for cardiac care in Calgary, with such accomplishments as establishing Alberta’s first cardiac catherization lab, the first coronary angioplasty, and the first open heart surgery in Calgary.

Foothills Medical Centre

The opening of the Foothills Medical Centre in the mid 1960s was a big development in cardiology in Calgary. The hospital was a teaching hospital that was affiliated with the Department of Medicine at the University of Calgary. In 1980, the Division of Cardiology was created and the Department of Cardiac Sciences became its own administrative department shortly after.

Training Programs

Calgary’s clinical Core Cardiology Program was developed in the early 1980s and has become the City’s main source of community and academic cardiologists. The department went on to offer numerous sub-specialty training programs in interventional cardiology, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, cardiac imaging, cardiac magnetic resonance, heart function/heart failure and cardiac surgery.

Further Developments

Further developments included the city-wide amalgamation of cardiology services, the opening of cardiac specific care units, the opening of the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre, and, more recently, the renovation of the cardiac catherization labs.

Where We Are Today

The Section has grown to 60 physicians, with numerous sub-specialties who serve residents in central and Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Calgary is a respected centre for cardiovascular care and research, whose members are known both nationally and internationally.

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Patient Resources

There are several outpatient clinics in Calgary affiliated with the Section of Cardiology.

Appointments are available by referral only. 

Section of Cardiology

The Section of Cardiology operates under the banner of the Department of Cardiac Sciences.

Executive Committee

Section Chief: Dr. Andrew Howarth

Director, Cardiology Training Program: Dr. Katherine Kavanagh

Site lead, Foothills Medical Centre: Dr. Angela Kealey

Site lead, Peter Lougheed Centre: Dr. Michelle Keir

Site lead, Rockyview General Hospital: Dr. Nakul Sharma

Site lead, South Health Campus: Dr. Anwar Jelani

Training the next generation

Calgary’s cardiology training programs equip specialists from across Canada and globally. Experts mentor trainees in a wide variety of disciplines using innovative approaches to clinical care and education. Department members lead local and national research and quality improvement projects, and many contribute to national and international guidelines committees.

Trainees are exposed to a broad range of clinical cardiology experiences and are well equipped for independent practice in adult cardiology upon completion. This program is fully accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Trainee requirements include 31 blocks of mandatory clinical rotations with an additional four elective and four research blocks. Trainees may be able to spend elective time at training sites outside Calgary.

Duration: Three years
Program Director: Dr. Katherine Kavanagh
Contact: Theresa McInally

This fellowship offers training in the evaluation and multiple management strategies for patients with advanced heart failure. This senior fellow will participate in in-patient and outpatient management of a wide spectrum of patients with advanced heart failure from initial diagnosis to consideration of high-risk cardiac surgery, cardiac transplantation, mechanical circulatory support and end-of-life care. The program also focuses on co-management of post-operative cardiac transplant and mechanical support device patients. All fellows will participate actively in the multiple ongoing research projects and will undertake at least one independent research project for presentation and publication.

Duration: One-two years
Program Director: Dr. Kristin Lyons
Contact: Theresa McInally at

Training in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) takes place in the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre, an internationally recognized institution for research and clinical application of CMR. Trainees learn about indications, contraindications, limitations and the clinical usefulness of CMR studies in patients with cardiac and vascular diseases. During a typical month at the Stephenson CMR Centre, the Fellow will participate in over 120 CMR cases, including stress studies, viability assessment studies, flow and valvular studies and congenital heart diseases. Fellows staying for 12 months are expected to actively participate in CMR research after their initial three months of intensive clinical training.

Duration: One month to one year
Director: TBD
Contact: Carrie Smart

This program and offers research and training experience in managing heart rhythm disorders. Trainees are provided with a wide range and volume of electrophysiology problems and procedures. The EP staff are world-renowned researchers. Trainees will be involved in at least one research project. Clinical training includes standard and complex ablations, device procedures, lead extraction, inpatient and outpatient management. This program now holds a certificate of special competence from the Royal College of Physicians.

Duration: Two years
Director: Dr. George (Yorgo) Veenhuyzen

This program is the largest and most comprehensive interventional training program in Canada and is internationally recognized for its excellence in physician training. Fellows will acquire knowledge of the indications, contraindications, risks, limitations and complications associated with catheter-based interventions and perform a minimum of 400 coronary interventions. Fellows are expect to participate in research during their training. This program is certified with the Royal College of Physicians.

Duration: Two years
Director: TBD

This clinical fellowship offers extensive experience in echocardiographic imaging. The fellow will be exposed to patients at four acute hospitals and will have the opportunity to gain experience in general echocardiography, echo-guided myocardial biopsies, pericardiocentesis, TAVRs, ASD and paravalvular leak devices.

Duration: One year
Director: Dr. Nowell Fine
Contact: Dr. Jillian Colbert

This fellowship focuses on all aspects of management and subtypes for patients with cardiac amyloidosis, including evaluation and work-up, management of cardiovascular manifestations of amyloidosis and use of disease modifying therapies and ongoing follow-up and surveillance. Fellows will work in Calgary’s Cardiac Amyloidosis Clinic, a high-volume referral clinic for patients across the region, and be exposed to cardiac imaging modalities, heart failure, arrhythmia and valvular heart disease, along with neurology, hematology, pathology and nephrology clinical exposure, and other medical specialities. The fellowship also offers dedicated teaching time and opportunities for clinical research to advance the science and improve patient outcomes.

Duration: One year
Program Director: Dr. Nowell Fine
Contact: Jan Veenhuyzen,



The Section of Cardiology is nationally and internationally recognized for its research excellence and productivity. Our clinician scientists and clinical investigators develop and participate in major landmark clinical trials. The section is committed to improving and monitoring cardiovascular disease outcomes. The APPROACH group provides ground-breaking information in this realm.

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Precision Medicine

The section plays a central role in the Libin Cardiovascular Institute’s Precision Medicine Initiative. This initiative is led by Dr. James White, and with consent of patients, seeks to use the wealth of data collected from cardiac patients to improve care and identify new, more personalized approaches to patient management.

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Libin Groups

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute is committed to enhancing clinical and research activities by promoting and fostering collaboration. The Clinical Innovation Initiative brings together clinicians and investigators with common interests to facilitate cross-disciplinary research and to enhance patient care.