Engaging CommuniTy StakEholders in Developing and Implementing Indoor Movement-BAsed PrograMs in PUblicly Available SPaces

About us

We are a group of health-care professionals and researchers dedicated to promoting physical activity within the community. As part of the People to Population (P2) Research collaboration, our focus is on health promotion and community engagement.

Our mission

To increase physical activity in the community by providing comprehensive consultations to communities and groups for developing and implementing movement-based programs using their local resources, publicly accessible indoor spaces and environments.

Our aims

  1. Explore facilitators and barriers to developing, maintaining and participating in indoor movement-based programs (IMBP)
  2. Develop and evaluate a model to guide community-level IMBPs


Less than one in five Canadian adults meet the national guideline of minimum physical activity: 150 minutes of weekly aggregated physical activity with a minimum of 10 minutes sessions with a moderate to vigorous intensity. 

This study hopes to explore mall-managers' facilitators, constraints and barriers in adopting and managing long-term sustainable indoor movement-based programs (IMBP) in their facilities


International Collaboration

We are building an international team of experts with a shared passion for increasing population-level physical activity

University of Calgary

Faculty Members

Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Hude Quan

Dr. Shaminder Singh

Dr. Lin Yang


Dr. Sonia Butalia


Dr. Gavin McCormack                 

Mr. Vince Avati

Dr. Turin Chowdhury

Ms. Camilia Thieba

Flinders University

Faculty Members

Dr. Niranjan Bidargaddi

Dr Yasmin Van Kasteren



Want to learn more?

Contact Dr. Shaminder Singh, Postdoctoral Associate & Program Co-Lead or Mr. Vince Avati, Health Promotion Research Coordinator

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Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Heritage Medical Research Building (HMRB)
Room 72
Foothills Campus, University of Calgary
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Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1

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