Cardiac Arrhythmia

About Us

Provides management, treatment, and education for people with heart rhythm abnormalities.
Service may include:

  • treating symptomatic heart rhythm abnormalities that don’t need a pacemaker or defibrillator
  • cardiac electrophysiology central referral, triage, assessment, treatment, and education
  • Telehealth and on-site education classes for patients and families
  • interventional electrophysiology procedures including EP studies and ablations

To refer a patient please send the referral to the Cardiac Arrhythmia Central Access and Triage which provides a central referral service for physicians, emergency departments, and urgent care centres that need to refer people to see a Cardiac Electrophysiologist (Heart Rhythm Specialist) in the Calgary Zone.

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Central Access and Triage is a referral service only, it is not involved in the actual patient appointment. The referral will be sent to the most appropriate electrophysiologist with the shortest wait time.

Please note - Syncope within the setting of any documented arrhythmia should be reported urgently. Contact RAAPID (403-944-4486) for the electrophysiologist on call for any urgent referrals including those that may require inpatient admission.

For information on Cardiac Arrhythmia eligibility criteria and referral requirements, please see the Referral Form on this page or visit the Alberta Referral Directory and search Cardiac Arrhythmia Central Access and Triage. 

Contact details

Cardiac Arrhythmia Central Access & Triage
Foothills Medical Centre
Ph: 403.944.4632
Fax: 403.592.4241