Connecting cardiovascular research, clinical care and education in Southern Alberta

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute is a joint entity of Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary that connects all cardiovascular research, clinical care and education in Southern Alberta, serving a population of about two million. Our more than 1,500 members include physicians, clinicians and other health professionals, researchers and trainees.

Cardiovascular patients: Please seek treatment!

Cardiovascular conditions are the No. 1 killer globally, far surpassing any deaths from infectious diseases. Yet during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a large drop in the number of cardiovascular patients seeking treatment. 

Unfortunately, your cardiovascular symptoms won't go away, and delaying treatment might cause serious harm and even death, so please don't avoid treatment due to fears over the coronavirus. Our physicians and health care providers are here to help you, so please let us by seeking treatment. 

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