The Legacy of Tine Haworth

Tine Haworth (1922-2019) is the namesake of the annual Tine Haworth Cardiovascular Research Day and the Tine Haworth Scholarship in Cardiovascular Research. 

Tine Haworth

Dawn Smith

Tine Haworth donated more than $4 million to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Extraordinary donor leaves lasting legacy

By Dawn Smith/Libin Institute


Tine Haworth has lived an extraordinary life.

Now 96, her tenacity and business acumen allowed Haworth to be successful in business. But she is also extraordinarily generous to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute.

The namesake of the annual Tine Haworth Cardiovascular Research Day, the mother of four has donated more than $4 million to the Institute. Her last two large gifts have been made to provide the institute’s trainees with opportunities, something Haworth is passionate about.

 “When I was going to university, I had no money, so I thought maybe I can help someone,” she said.

Haworth’s desire to provide students with opportunities was born out of her own experience.

She grew up in rural Saskatchewan during the 1930s and, although she attended university for one year, money for higher education was scarce and the young woman dropped out of university to attend Normal School to become a teacher—a much more practical choice, she thought.

Six months into the 12-month program, she landed a job in a rural community in the prairie province. She stayed for three years, teaching children ages six to 12, before meeting and marrying Roy Voice and retiring from her teaching career to move to a farm.

The couple had moved to Edmonton and had two children when Roy tragically died of polio, leaving the young mother of two to fend for herself.

It wasn’t easy, but Haworth started a career in real estate, purchasing and renovating two houses that she rented out, thereby providing for herself and her children. After being a single mom for five years, Haworth met and married family physician Dr. Derek Haworth.

The two moved back to Saskatchewan, settling into a small town, where they had another two children. It was while living in this town that the husband and wife received their pilot’s licenses and purchased a small plane.

While Dr. Haworth addressed the residents’ health-care needs, Haworth continued to manage her growing real estate business. Seeking new opportunities, Dr. Haworth accepted a job in the emergency department in Regina, where the couple continued to raise their children until the doctor suffered a heart attack. He was only in his 40s, but was unable to work full time again, causing the couple to rely on their real estate business, which they continued after moving to Calgary about 30 years ago.

The success of the business prompted Haworth to become a donor to the Libin Institute. Her gifts have allowed for an endowment that will provide students with opportunities for years to come.

It’s a wonderful legacy for the tenacious woman who continues to embrace life with a rousing card game, a glass of chilled wine and daily “playing” of the stock market, which she knows inside and out.

Dr. Todd Anderson, director of the Libin Institute, is deeply humbled by Haworth’s gifts for cardiovascular research and education and is thankful for her ongoing support.

Ms. Haworth has lived a remarkable life and is an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to meet her,” he says.  “Her incredible generosity to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute will create a legacy for our researchers and students for decades to come.”

Tine Haworth passed away on her 97th birthday in 2019. She will be greatly missed.