Turin Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

Cardiac Sciences, Medicine

Contact information


Office: 403.210.7199


Office : HRIC G012F

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Immigrant / Refugee / Ethnic Health
  • Social media as a platform for knowledge translation / health education / community outreach
  • Bibliometric Analysis / Research Productivity / Faculty Development
  • Chronic disease epidemiology, change in risk factor over time, rate of change, magnitude of variabil
  • Long term risk projection: Lifetime risk, life expectancy, Health adjusted life years


Dr. Turin Tanvir Chowdhury is a Health Services Researcher with a focus on Immigrant and Refugee Health. He trained and worked as a physician in Bangladesh. He received his Masters in 2005 from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and his PhD in 2008 from Shiga Medical University, Japan. After finishing a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Japan Science of Promotion of Sciences (JSPS), he moved to University of Calgary in 2010 to pursue a Postdoctoral Fellowship from The Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Collaboration (ICDC). He has also acquired fellowship awards from the Canadian Health Research Institute (CIHR) and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). He joined the University of Calgary as faculty member in September 2012 as an Assistant Professor supported by the Roy and Vi Baay Chair. Then he moved to the Department of Family Medicine in July 2014.

Dr. Turin's primary research interest is improving access to primary care by the vulnerable population of the society, including new immigrants and refugees. Dr. Turin draws upon the background as a clinician with a diverse set of research methodological experience and has been involved in research collaborations both nationally and internationally.