Elena di Martino


Civil Engineering


University of Milano, 1999

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Office: 403.220.4442


BMEN 600 Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering, September to December 2018
BMEN 525 Biomechanics of Tissues, January to April 2019
BMEN 301 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, September to December 2019


After completing a PhD in a collaborative program between the University of Milano and Politecnico of Milano, Dr. Di Martino spent two years at the University of Pittsburgh as a research associate. Subsequently she was a research faculty at Carnegie Mellon University (in Pittsburgh), and moved to Calgary, Alberta as an Assistant Professor in 2007.  Dr. Di Martino is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and the Director of the Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education (CBRE). She recently led a task force design a new degree program in Biomedical Engineering. 


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(selected publications out of more than 45 international publications)


2017 Peak Scholar in Innovation and Entrepreneurship University of Calgary
2006 Samuel and Emma Winters Foundation Biomedical Research Award, Pittsburgh, PA 
2002 Perkins Prize awarded by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine for the best paper published in Med. Eng. & Phys Journal.