Lawrence de Koning

Clinical Associate Professor

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


McMaster University, 2009

Contact information


Office: 403.955.2277


Dr. Lawrence de Koning is a cardiovascular epidemiologist and clinical chemist with special interests in nutrition, obesity and biochemical markers. In 2009, he completed a PhD in health research methodology at McMaster University where he studied gene-diet interactions and cardiovascular disease under Dr Sonia Anand. He then spent three years at the Harvard School of Public Health Department of Nutrition (under Dr. Frank Hu) and Children’s Hospital Boston Department of Laboratory Medicine (under Dr. Mark Kellogg), where he received additional training in nutritional epidemiology and for board certification in clinical chemistry. He has published several high impact articles on abdominal obesity and dietary patterns. De Koning is pursuing research on novel biochemical markers of both dietary intake and inflammation, and in assessing their impact on cardiovascular risk.