Vidya Raj

Assistant Professor

Depts. of Cardiac Sciences, Psychiatry


Heart and Minds Clinic

BSc (Hons) Pathology

University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 1997

MB ChB Medicine

University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 2000

Contact information


Office: 403.956.2655

Research and teaching

Clinical Research

  • Mood and anxiety disorders in cardiac patients
  • Psychosomatic medicine


Vidya Raj was brought up in the United Kingdom in one of the smallest towns in England. After completing medical school in Manchester, she began Residency training in Family Practice….but never finished as she met her Canadian husband to be. After marrying, she moved to Nashville TN and completed her Residency in Psychiatry and Fellowship in Psychosomatic Medicine at Vanderbilt University. She joined the Vanderbilt University Faculty as a Consulting Psychiatrist, developed Vanderbilt’s Electroconvulsive Therapy Service and started a Cardiac Mood Disorders Subspecialty clinic. In July 2014, she moved to Calgary.

She consults as a general outpatient psychiatrist, educates Family Practice residents as part of their Mental Health training, and is the director of the Calgary Hearts and Minds Clinic, which she founded in September 2016. This program provides psychiatric consultation and short to medium term treatment to patients referred by any Cardiology service in Calgary and the surrounding area. Dr. Raj’s clinical areas of expertise include mood and anxiety disorders, and the psychiatric management of patients with heart disease.


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