Meet our Clinicians

Dr. Omid Kiamanesh

Advancing care

Dr. Omid Kiamanesh, MD, recently joined the Libin Cardiovascular Institute as a cardiologist specializing in advanced heart failure, echocardiography, and cardiac intensive care.

Kiamanesh grew up in Vancouver and completed his medical school at the University of British Columbia.


Dr. Michael Gysel

Former engineer joins cardiac anesthesia team

Dr. Michael Gysel, MD, recently joined the Libin Cardiovascular Institute’s cardiac anesthesia team.

After a year away for training, Gysel is pleased to be returning to the University of Calgary, where he completed his anesthesiology residency and got to know—and respect—the cardiac anesthesia team.


Dr. Holly Smith headshot

Aortic specialist joins surgical team

Calgary’s cardiac surgical group recently got a boost. Dr. Holly Smith, MD, recently returned to Calgary, where she completed her cardiac surgical training in 2021, to join the team.

Smith recently completed an Advanced Aortic Surgery and Structural Heart Fellowship at the University of Texas in Houston and brings cutting-edge expertise in aortic valve replacement, aortic reconstruction and minimally invasive procedures.


Dr. Shafeena Premji is a North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP)

Physician passionate about women's health

Dr. Shafeena Premji, MD, is passionate about helping women through the unique health issues they face throughout their life. A clinician specializing in women's health, she works with women at all stages of their life, helping them through pregnancy and delivery, menopause and aging.

She has a particular interest in helping women through menopause, which can be a difficult time.