women exercising

Virtual Fitness Series

Heart disease is on the rise for Canadian women. Fortunately, 80 per cent of cardiovascular disease can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle. 

The Libin Institute is empowering women to get active with its virtual fitness series. Enjoy these free exercise videos featuring fitness professionals. 

Safety Matters

Consult your physician before beginning or increasing your physical activity, especially if you have been inactive for an extended period of time.  Follow the direction of your healthcare providers if you have pre-existing health concerns such as heart, lung or blood pressure conditions, severe dizzy spells, bone or joint problems, recent surgeries or procedures, or if you are pregnant. There could be risks with sudden change in physical activity.

To help you decide if you need to be cleared for activity and are between the ages of 15 and 69, please use the screening tool below.  

If you are over 69, please consult your physician before increasing your physical activity.  


Full-body versa-loop workout with Laureen

Sitting too much? Try dynamic stretching with Laureen

Body weight resistance workout with Sarah #2

Core workout with Kaylee #1

Core workout with Kaylee #3

Posture improving workout with Laureen

Body weight resistance workout with Sarah #1

Body weight resistance workout with Sarah #3

Core workout with Kaylee #2

Women's Cardiovascular Health Initiative

Globally, one in three women will die as a result of heart disease or stroke. Heart attacks go unrecognized in women up to 54 per cent of the time. This is because women often present different symptoms than men, leading to later diagnosis and fewer options for treatment.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute is working to change these statistics and be a leading center for women’s cardiovascular health research, training and care through our Women's Cardiovascular Health Initiative