Test Your Concept

Test Your Concept pitches are hosted by the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta to assist researchers in the early development of a research proposal. There are two streams where researchers can make pitches:

Stream 1 Process (Grantmanship)
The purpose of these sessions is to provide early feedback in grant development (preferably before the written proposal is near completion) to improve concept development, research design and other aspects of the proposal that will enhance the likelihood of grant funding.

  • Host two intakes per year (1) April to July and (2) November to early January, where investigators can share their concept
  • There should be panels of people with relevant experience that are conveyed to provide guidance at these events:
    • Vascular biology
    • Electrophysiology
    • Person to Population
    • Women’s CV health
    • Imaging

Stream 2 Process (Catalysts for Collaboration)

  • Any Libin member can request a Test Your Concept to pitch an innovation/idea at any time in the year
  • Based on the request, a panel will be convened and the Test Your Concept format utilized to determine whether or not Libin will invest in the project
    • There is no guarantee that pitching will result in funding
    • This process will be instrumental to implementing the research strategic plan
    • The funds should not be in lieu of other grant dollars

Judy Siu
Research Officer, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta
(403) 220-5801