Test Your Concept and Internal Peer Review

Libin Cardiovascular Institute Test Your Concept and Internal Peer Review

Call for Applicants

Libin Cardiovascular Institute members who are planning to submit a grant in the coming months are invited to participate in our Test Your Concept and Internal Peer Review programs. These programs are available to all members of the Libin Institute and everyone is sincerely encouraged to take advantage of these programs to enhance their chances of success.

These programs are designed to offer constructive feedback, support, and guidance on applications that are at an early stage of development (Test Your Concept) and once an initial draft of the proposal has been written (Internal Peer Review). More details on each of these programs is provided below, or click here to view more details on the website.

Test Your Concept

The applicant provides a one page overview of their proposal and can use the white board and/or a few slides to outline the aims, hypotheses, approaches, and methods to be used.  The applicant can supply a list of people who they would like to be in the audience to give early critical, but constructive criticism for design and execution of the proposed science. The goal of Test Your Concept is to obtain feedback on your ideas before they are formally written in a grant proposal; therefore, this should be done well in advance of a grant deadline (i.e. a minimum of 3-4 months prior to deadline).

If you would like to request a Test Your Concept session please complete a request form available here. 

Internal Peer Review

Available to applicants who have written an initial draft of their proposal, whether you have previously participated in Test Your Concept or not.  Applicants should plan to have a written draft of their grant proposal ready for internal peer review a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the local deadline for receipt of applications. This will allow sufficient time for the applicant to receive and discuss feedback on their grant writing and to respond in meaningful fashion when necessary. The applicant needs to provide a list of people who they would like to have as reviewers based on background. However, there is evidence that grant review, even by individuals who do not have direct expertise in the area of study, can enhance the final assessment of a grant at CIHR or other granting agencies.

Questions on these programs or requests to participate should be directed to:

Dr. Hank Duff

Libin Institute Test Your Concept/Internal Peer Review Coordinator

Email: hduff@ucalgary.ca


Megan Smith

Libin Institute Event Coordinator

Email: megan.smith3@ucalgary.ca