Equipment funding

The Libin Institute's Research Equipment Competition program was created to enhance existing or proposed research activities, to help support external funding prospects and to advance the institute's research programs by supporting the purchase of necessary equipment.

Priority is given to applications that constitute a shared resource and align with the institute's strategic research priorities. Requests for shared resources include a principal applicant with multiple co-applicants and would be used by numerous individuals. 

The maximum amount per request will be limited to $25,000, and at least 25 per cent of matching funds be committed at the time of application. However, under special circumstances, greater amounts may be considered. 

What kind of equipment does the program support? 

Eligible expenses include:

• Research equipment including shipping/delivery and/or custom/brokerage charges
• Training for equipment
• Software and licenses

Ineligible expenses include:

• Service contracts
• Insurance
• Operating costs
• Office furniture
• Office computers and peripherals
• Construction/renovation
• Equipment that is not located within the LCIA organization

The institute's Research Equipment Competition is held annually every November. For more information, see upcoming newsletters or contact the institute at