Population cardiovascular health research and promotion priorities

Population Cardiovascular Health Research and Promotion Priorities

The current Covid-19 pandemic has placed increased pressure on the healthcare systems and families in Alberta. In this unprecedented climate, supporting individuals to feel an increased sense of control over and improving their health has become one of the institute's top priorities. This is particularly true for individuals at risk of more severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19 who are also known to be at higher risk for developing cardiovascular conditions, particularly for seniors, certain ethnic groups and people with chronic conditions such as Diabetes. 

In collaboration with researchers and community members, the Libin Cardiovascular Institute is conducting a series of community engagements that will lay the foundation for innovative and personalized approaches to promote cardiovascular health for all. 

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This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board.

Ethics ID: REB20-2000
Title: Engaging communities to identify population cardiovascular health research and promotion priorities
PI: Dr. Tanvir Turin Chowdhury