Charlene Elliott


Faculty of Arts, Kinesiology

BA (Hons)

University of Calgary, 1994


University of Calgary, 1996


Carleton University, 2003

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Office: 403.220.3180

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Office : SS236


September to December 2019
COMS 601, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Communication


Population Health

  • childhood/youth studies, public health, obesity
  • communication, environmental aspects of health, food promotion
  • intellectual property, public policy (food regulation), qualitative research


Charlene Elliott, PhD, is Professor of Communication at the University of Calgary and holds the Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Children's Health. Dr. Elliott has published extensively on food marketing, promotion and policy, and has edited several books, including How Canadians Communicate about Food: Food Promotion, Consumption and Controversy (2016). She has provided input and recommendations on federal and international initiatives pertaining to food, labelling and policy, and was recently inducted to the Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, for her innovative research related to the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases.


Link to publications: ORCID

Select publications:

Elliott, C. and Scime, N.V. (2019). Nutrient Profiling and Child-Targeted Supermarket Foods: Assessing a "Made in Canada" Policy Approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,16(4). 639-651. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16040639. 

Elliott, C. (2018). The Nutritional Quality of Gluten-Free Products For Children. Pediatrics, 142(2):e20180525. 

Elliott, C. (2018). “Grab Gatorade!”: Food marketing, regulation and the young consumer. European Journal of Marketing. 52(12). 2521-2532.

Elliott, C., and Ellison, K. (2018). Negotiating choice, deception and risk: teenagers' perceptions of food safety. British Food Journal, 120(12): 2748-2761.

Elliott, C. (2018). Beauty and the Banana: It’s a commercial promotion, not a public health campaign. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 109(3): 436-38.

Elliott, C. (2018). Milk in a glass, milk in a carton: The influence of packaging on children’s perceptions of the healthfulness of milk. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 56(3): 155-164. 

Truman, E., Lane, D., and Elliott, C. (2017). Defining food literacy: A scoping review. Appetite, 116, 365-371. DOI: 10.1016/j.appet.2017.05.007

Elliott, C. (2016). Knowledge needs and the 'savvy' child: teenager perspectives on banning food marketing to children. Critical Public Health. DOI:

Elliott, C. and Conlon, M. (2015). Packaged baby and toddler foods: Questions of sugar and sodium. Pediatric Obesity, 10(2). 149-155.

Elliott, C. (2015). Big Food and 'Gamified' products: Promotion, packaging and the promise of fun. Critical Public Health, 25(3). 348-360.

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Elliott, C. (2008). Assessing fun foods: Nutritional content and analysis of supermarket foods targeted at children. Obesity Reviews, 9. 368-377.


Elected to the Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists Royal Society of Canada, 2016-2023
Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) Distinguished Academic Award, 2016
Carleton University’s 75 for the 75th, Carleton University, Recognized as one of 75 outstanding individuals who have graduated from the Faculty of Public Affairs
Faculty of Arts Established Scholar Research Award, University of Calgary, 2014
Calgary Institute for the Humanities Fellowship