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Learn about the University of Calgary chapter of the Canadian Institutes of Heath Research (CIHR) Institute of Gender Health (IGH) Trainee Network

About Us

The Trainee Network is a network of trainees within the University of Calgary who are interested in sex and gender-based analysis in health research. Open to all levels of trainees, from undergraduate to postdoctoral fellows, the Network functions in collaboration with and with support from IGH to foster research excellence regarding the influence of sex and gender on health and to apply these findings to identify and address pressing health challenges facing men, women, girls, boys and gender-diverse people. 

The mission of the Trainee Network is to build awareness and capacity in sex- and gender-based analysis among trainees conducting health research in Canada.

The Network's objectives are to:

1. Develop a peer network for trainees who are interested in sex and gender science

2. Increase awareness, knowledge and research capacity in sex- and gender-based analysis among health research trainees in Canada

3. Create opportunities for trainees who are new to integrating sex and gender to join and learn from the Network

4. Create mentorship opportunities for trainees interested in sex and gender science


Cindy Kalenga - cindy.kalenga1@ucalgary.ca


Trainee Network Co-leads

Cindy Kalenga, co-lead IGH Trainee Network

Cindy Kalenga

Cindy Kalenga is an emerging leader in women's cardiovascular health. She is a PhD candidate in the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine whose research focuses on how estrogen hormones, in the form of contraceptives and postmenopausal therapy, are associated with cardiovascular risk in women.  

Cindy was honoured at the University of Calgary's Women's Resource Centre's Awards of Excellence award ceremony, which celebrate women's wisdom, resilience and compassion. She was the recipient of the 2020 Graduate Student Award.

She is also a member of CV&Me, an initiative of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute that focuses on sex and gender in research. 

Click on the link below for interactive modules designed to help health researchers and peer reviewers incorporate sex and gender into their projects. Training Modules

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