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Libin Moves Expert Library

Learn the science behind getting-and staying-active with these expert videos. 

Sleeping Well

Dr. Braden Manns and Dr. Marcus Povis from the UCalgary's Cumming School of Medicine discuss the relationship between sleep and cardiovascular health.

Libin Moves for World Health Day

Learn more about the connection between exercise, sleep, cognition and stress with experts from the University of Calgary. 

Live Splendidly

Certified Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Coach Colleen Parsons talks about the importance of physical activity and offers tips on getting started.

Fireside Chat with Dietitians

Get insight into some of the latest diets land earn about how a healthy diet can improve cardiovascular and overall health with a panel of local dietitians. 

Exercise and the Brain

Dr. Jonathan Smirl, PhD, a researcher at the University of Calgary, talks about the connection between physical activity and brain health.

Move to Improve

Learn the science behind the importance of physical activity and find out the latest recommendations for physical activity, sedentary time and sleep.