Libin Life Magazine 2020

Find out how the Libin Cardiovascular Institute researchers, clinicians and educators are tackling problems of the heartbeat

In this issue:

Dr. Paul Fedak

Director's Message

Director Dr. Paul Fedak, MD, PhD, talks about his goals for the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. 

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anatomical heart

Understanding arrhythmia and autonomic dysfunction

Learn about abnormal heart rhythms and how autonomic nervous system dysfunctions can affect your health. 

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Dr. Anne Gillis

She's got heart

Learn about the global impact Dr. Anne Gillis, MD, has had on her field of electrophysiology as she gets ready to retire from the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. 

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Dr. Meril Knudtson

Keeping the beat

Learn about Dr. Merril Knudston's accomplishments in interventional cardiology and research.

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Dr. James White

Going global

Find out how a made-in-Calgary cardiovascular imaging registry is set to launch globally. 

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Confocal microscope

Inside View

Find out how a powerful new microscope offers will offer Libin researchers a new perspective.

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Dr. Robert Rose

Forward thinking

Learn more about Dr. Robert Rose, PhD's goals as the new research director of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. 

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ECG read out

Managing risk

Find out how researchers at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute are examining implantable cardiac devices in the fight against sudden cardiac death. 

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heart patient

Getting to the heart of the matter

Find out how a research project at the Libin Institute is looking at ways of increasing the number of patients attending follow-up appointments after a heart attack. 

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female patient

Making a difference

Learn about how researchers within the Institute are tackling a mysterious, debilitating condition called POTS - and making a name for themselves internationally. 

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Aaron Phillips

A league of his own

Find out how an early-career researcher at the Libin Institute is poised to make a medical breakthrough for spinal cord patients. 

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Dr. Fedak with banners

Cell discovered that can heal hearts

Find out about a scientific discovery that may lead to new ways to repair damaged hearts. 

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Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Mentorship matters

Learn more about the goals of the Libin Institute's new education director. 

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Dr. Safia Chatur

Rising star

Find out how the Libin Cardiovascular Institute is helping trainees, like Dr. Safia Chatur, reach their career goals. 

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dr tyberg

Nurturing talent

Find out why professor and researcher, Dr. John Tyberg, is so loved by trainees - both past and present.

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Awards and accolades

Our members are world-class! Find out more about the awards and accolades we received in 2019. 

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heart pills

Thinking outside the box

Find out how a new drug is offering hope for heart failure patients and meet the researcher who is part of an international group who made the discovery. 

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Mind matters

Find out how the institute is addressing the mental health needs of patients with implanted cardiac devices. 

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Dr. Jacques Rizkallah

Taking it to the next level

Learn more about the innovative surgical procedures being implemented at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. 

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health care team

Putting patients first

Find out how a cardiac unit has created a model for care that is the first of its kind in Canada. 

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Ken Stephenson

Imaging Centre celebrating 15 years

Find out how local philanthropist Ken Stephenson has helped shape the landscape of cardiac care in Calgary and beyond. 

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