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Vascular Dynamics and Disease

Vascular disease affects the arteries and veins that can block circulation anywhere in the body. There are a variety of conditions that fall under “vascular disease.” There is a dynamic group of investigators at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta becoming increasingly integrated around the common theme of vascular disease.

These researchers include:

  • Smooth Muscle Research Group (a multidisciplinary group with a common interest in vascular disease),
  • the vascular biology/inflammation group
  • biomedical engineering
  • percutaneous and surgical vascular interventional investigators

What's Libin Doing Now?

  • Developing a program to advance our understanding of vascular cell function and identify novel biomarkers for atherosclerosis
  • Identifying how mechanical alterations in blood flow change gene expression contribute to atherosclerosis
  • Creating a comprehensive aortic dissection program (eg. diagnosis, treatment and followup)

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