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Research Committee

Chair: Ed O'Brien, MD

Wayne Chen, PhD

Lawrence de Koning, PhD

Paul Fedak, MD, PhD

Brenda Gerull, MD

Matthew James, MD, PhD

Justin MacDonald, PhD

Hude Quan, PhD

Satish Raj, MD

James White, MD


The Research Committee has been established to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta (LCIA) research strategy. It will ensure that all research activities within the LCIA align with the priorities of the Institute’s Strategic Research Plan.


The Committee (through the Chair) will be responsible for making recommendations to the Libin Executive Committee pertaining to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute research strategy. Responsibilities include:

  • The development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute research strategy. This includes the establishment of a proactive strategic planning process that includes ongoing local, national and international environmental scanning and the establishment of a consultative process to determine and refresh research priorities
  • Develop a communication and outreach plan that promotes Libin research activities and accomplishments that will serve a number of purposes including support for Institute fundraising

All inquiries or issues you’d like discussed at the Research Committee can be emailed to

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