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Pipeline Intelligence a success

Submitted by dawn.smith on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 8:36am
Wed, 03/01/2017 - 09:00

About 80 members of the public attended a special Heart Month Libin 101 event held at Calgary’s Central Library on Feb. 23 from 6-8 p.m.

The event, Pipeline Intelligence: Exploring the Network of Our Circulation, featured leading clinicians and researchers of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, who presented information on their work.

Dr. Todd Anderson, Dr. Merril Knudtson, Dr. Jennifer MacRae and Dr. James White each gave a short presentation on the innovative discoveries being made in vascular science at the Libin Institute.

Topics included the importance of healthy endothelium for overall heart health, 4D imaging in predicting adverse cardiac events, coronary artery disease and the advent of interventional cardiology, and the kidney’s role within the vascular system.

Dr. MacRae’s presentation was particularly educational, as many don’t realize the interdependency of the heart and kidneys. 

She also explained that as a result of this connection, up to 50 per cent of heart failure patients have kidney disease, and she noted that smoking, obesity, hypertension and other factors affect the health of both the kidneys and the heart.

At the end of the presentations, the audience participated in a question-and-answer session, engaging all the doctors.

Libin 101 events seek to educate the public on cardiovascular health promotion, disease prevention and the latest research in cardiovascular care.

The next event--which will focus on the heart’s natural pacemaker, the sinoatrial node, that is responsible for initiating the heart beat--will be held at the Crowfoot Public Library on Wednesday, March 29 from 7-8:30 p.m.

Registration is free.


Eventbrite - The sinoatrial node: keeping the rhythm of the heart beat








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