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Libin Life is published twice a year by the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, an entity of the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services (Calgary Zone). The Libin Life mission is to share news and information about the Institute's impact in research, education and patient care.

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Lynda Sea
Communications Coordinator

Spring 2013
  • Message from the Director: Inspire and be Inspired
  • Awards & Accolades
  • 5 Things You Should Know about South Health Campus
  • Libin Leaders Behind Newest CCS Guidelines for Professionals
  • Smart Phone Apps for Heart Health
  • Wonders of the Mitral Valve
  • Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Procedure an Alberta First
  • Albertans are Getting Smarter About Their Hearts
  • X-Ray Free Ablations a Safer Approach
  • When Engineering & Medicine Meet
  • Analyze This: The New Libin Institute Analysis Centre (LIAC)
  • Hybird Surgery Technique Repairs Total Arch
  • The Heart of the Matter: A New Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room slated for the Foothills Hospital
  • The Social (Support) Network: Three Cardiac Support Groups in Calgary
  • Project Zamboanga: University of Calgary partnership with medical school in the Philippines
  • Libin Abroad: Dr. Norm Campbell visits World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for South-East and Yarolavl, Russia
  • The Learning Curve: Q&A with Don Welsh, PhD, Chair of Libin Education Council
  • Paying it Forward: Philanthropists behind two trainee scholarships from the Libin Education Council
  • 2013 Libin Research Day
  • Spotlight on Trainees: Ceara Cunningham, Abdulhameed Al-Ghabkari, Dr. Amal Muthumala, Dr. Anna (Serletis) Bizios
2011 Issue 2
  • Finding Ways to Make Sudden Death Predictable and Preventable
  • Calgarians Lace Up to Support Libin
  • Philanthropist Takes Health Care 'To Heart'
  • Healing Hurting Hearts
  • 'Foiling' Mysteries in a Path to Knighthood
  • National Honour for Libin Institute's Approach Team
  • Calgary Ablation Firsts
  • Foremost Expert Receives Libin/AHFMR Prize
  • New Hope With Leading-Edge Cardiac Procedure
  • Heart of Glass
  • Libin in Surgical Outreach to Guyana
  • Innovating to Educate Cardiac Surgeons
  • Libin Abroad: Sandra Owen in Haiti
  • Cardiology Program Attracts Top Female Doctors
  • A Diversity of Trainees

2010 Issue 2
  • Dr. Todd Anderson; Strength in Leadership, Clarity in Vision
  • Pediatric Cardiac Electrophysiologist's Unique Skill-set a Welcome Addition to Calgary
  • Beyond Bone and Stone
  • Taming the Vascular Disease Epidemic - From Global to Local
  • World Health Organization Meeting a First for Calgary
  • Dr. Merril Knudtson - 2010 Inductee into the Order of the University of Calgary
  • Memory Lane
  • Calgarians Gain Access to Next Generation of Surgical Technology for Heart Failure
  • Astrazeneca Supports Unique Approach to Heart Failure
  • Diastolic Heart Failure
  • The Heart Failure Scorecard
  • A Different Approach to Support Cardiac Patients in Their Journey to Smoking Cessation
  • Coronary Care Unit, Cardiology, and CV Labs Relocate to Peter Lougheed New East Tower
  • New Appointees to the Institute Strategic Advisory Board
  • 2010 Clinical Teaching Award
  • A Diversity of Trainees
2010 Issue 1
  • Adventurer in Cardiology
  • Dr. L. B. Mitchell Fellow Research Award
  • Interdisciplinary Union: Sternal Innovative Closure with Kryptonite TM (STICK)
    Pilot Study
  • The Mozell Legacy
  • Provincial program lands new home
  • Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Collaboration & Alberta Kidney Disease Network
    Move To TRW
  • Myra Cocker - Calgary Trainee behind Canadian Trainee Day
  • Chen sole Medicine recipient of CFI
  • Libin at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
  • Teaching Research and Wellness Building the New Libin Translational Research Wing
  • Defusing a Time Bomb
  • JACC: Calgary Research "Most Important Development in the Field"
  • Hypertension: an Outcome of Bad Communications
  • Alberta Credit Unions Advance Health Care in Rural Communities
  • A Diversity of Trainees
2009 Issue 2
  • Calgary Protocol Now World Standard
  • Institute Moves into New Location
  • Stampede City Perfect for Researching Genes
  • Reflections...
  • Five Years Old, But After Decades of Gestation
  • From M.I.T. to the Libin Institute to Oxford...
  • Wait Times Decreased in The Cardiac Arrhythmia Service
  • Libin Member Dr. Anne Gillis Chosen as President of Heart Rhythm Society
  • The Cardiovascular Sciences in Calgary
  • Growing Network of Rural Cardiac Function Clinics in Southern Alberta
  • The Libin And the Maz Partner for the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
  • In Memory of Dr. George Emmerson Miller
2009 Issue 1
  • The Heart of Biomedical Engineering
  • Impact beyond borders
  • Many Feathers of Tyberg's cap
  • Cardiac Surgery at Foot Hills
  • Hypertension Awareness
  • Memory Lane
  • Childhood obesity: the pathway to adult chronic disease
  • The Journey through Cardiac Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Alberta Heritage Foundation For medical research
  • The Chinook Approach
  • Canadian Cardiovascular Congress Toronto 2008
  • International Experts Advisory Meeting, 2008
Summer 2008
  • A Cave to Make Batman Jealous
  • A Fishy Story that is No Red Herring
  • The Zebrafish - Cardiovascular Research Connection
  • Memory Lane
  • A World Class Approach to Research & Cardiovascular Care
  • Leading World Experts Participate in Cardiac Surgery Program Review
  • Beyond our Borders: Traboulsi's Travels
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Lab Tours
  • The Cardiac Surgery Residency Training Program
  • The Libin Institute is proud to remember and honour.
Winter 2007
  • Follow up on Innovation in Service Delivery
  • Tomorrow's Research Cardiovascular Health Professionals (TORCH)
  • UofC Research Fellow Wins Canadian Cardiovascular Society Award
  • The Cardiovascular/Respiratory Sciences (MDCV) Training Program
  • Cardiovascular Research
  • Respiratory Research
  • Smooth Muscle Research Group
  • Dr. Dawei Jiang Profile
  • Clinical Training Programs
  • Core Cardiology Training Program
  • International Experts Advisory Meeting, 2007
  • The Libin Institute is proud to congratulate.
  • New Space Opening Summer/Fall 2008
Spring 2007
  • Newest Additions to the Libin Team: Dr. Fedak, Dr. Strohm, Dr. Weeks and Dr. Peters
  • Recent Appointments of Two Libin Members: Dr. Anderson and Dr. Lytton
  • Program Updates: New Treatments for Irregular Heart Beats
  • News: Ventricular Assist Device Program Launched September 2006
  • Achievements
  • Obituary: Dr. Peter Russell
Spring 2006
  • Institute Update: Introducing New Physicians to Cardiac Sciences and the Libin
    Cardiovascular Insititute
  • Telehealth Update: Telehealth Pilot Projects Completed Fall of 2005 - Moving
    Forward for 2006
  • Committee Update: International Expert Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Program Innovations: Atrial Fibrillation
  • Fundraising Update: Philanthropy and Community Support
  • Building Update: Health Research Innovation Centre and the Teaching, Research
    and Wellness Wing
  • News: Eldon R. Smith, M.D. Receives the Order of Canada
  • Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre Update: A Progress Report
Summer 2005
  • Institute Update: Health Promotion, Disease Prevention; Integrating Clinical Care with
    Research and Education
  • Featured Member Profiles: Ms. Stewart, Dr. Friedrich, Dr. Kavanagh, Dr. King
  • Key Players: Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Smith, Dr. Libin
  • Program Updates: Heart Alert; STEMI/PCI Project; Telehealth Initiatives
  • Research Focus: International Excellence; Vascular Biology
  • Institute Milestones
  • Future Directions and Innovations
Summer 2004
  • Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta: An Overview
  • Academic Cardiac MRI Program ($4 Million)
  • Alberta Heart Alert ($4 Million)
  • Surgical Approaches to Heart Failure ($4 Million)
  • 3-Dimensional Cardiac Electrical Mapping System ($2 Million)
  • Expanded Cardiac Catheterization Capacity ($4.5 Million)
  • Prairie Cardiovascular Genetics Susceptibility Unit ($4 Million)
  • Cardiovascular Health Promotion/Disease Prevention ($3 Million)
  • Focused Recruitment/Retention of Personnel ($25 Million)
  • Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta Milestones and Next Steps

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