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Citywide Clinical Services

The Department of Cardiac Sciences provides clinical services to the populations of southern Alberta and selected regions of western Saskatchewan and eastern British Columbia. Staff includes 55 adult cardiologists, 6 cardiac surgeons and 2 dedicated device surgeons. There is a close working relationship with the 7 intensivists who attend in the CVICU as well as 8 cardiovascular anaesthetists.

The Foothills Medical Center is a quaternary care referral center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. It currently operates approximately 1,000 beds. It is physically attached to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Health Research Innovation Centre and the Undergraduate Medical School.

Cardiac facilities include:

  • A 22 bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with capabilities for both mechanical ventilation and intra-aortic balloon pump support and mechanical circulatory support.
  • Two cardiology wards with a total of 68 beds, many of which are monitored.
  • An eight bed post PCI unit dedicated to patients following interventional procedures.
  • A dedicated 12 bed cardiac surgery intensive care unit.
  • Four cardiac catheterization laboratories with computerized systems for data acquisition, analysis and reporting.
  • An electrophysiology laboratory where all catheter-based procedures are performed. This facility was recently renovated and now includes biplane cardiovascular system and the EP Navigator 3D System.
  • A dedicated operating room for device surgery.
  • 2 operating rooms for cardiac surgery.
  • An echocardiography laboratory equipped for routine transthoracic echo-Doppler studies, as well as transesophageal examinations, dobutamine stress studies, pericardiocentesis, myocardial biopsies, and re-synchronization studies.
  • A Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory which includes two cameras with SPECT capability.
  • Dedicated CT angiography clinical and research program.
  • The Stephenson Cardiavascular MR Centre
  • An exercise laboratory with three computerized treadmills.
  • ECG laboratory with Holter monitoring and Event Recording.
  • An electrophysiology center including pacemaker clinic, ICD and biventricular pacing program.
  • An excellent cardiac rehabilitation program (CWIC-Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary) based at the Talisman Center

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