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Advanced Heart Failure

Advanced heart failure occurs when the pumping action of your heart is not strong enough to move blood around, which carries oxygen and
nutrients, so that your body can function properly, especially during increased activity or under stress. Heart Failure develops over time,
which can lead to heart disease and ultimately, a need for heart transplant.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute has a number of excellent clinician investigators focused on heart failure, transplantation, and
mechanical circulatory support. These investigators constitute an Advanced Heart Failure service. Coupled with cardiac imaging and
electrophysiology specialists, we are able to identify gaps in clinical services and develop an integrated knowledge translation program.

What's Libin Doing Now?

  • Identifying barriers to optimization of heart failure management for the rural population
  • Refining the understanding of heart failure mechanisms by using advanced imaging techniques
  • Expanding the use of mechanical circulatory support for patients with advanced heart failure who may ultimately require transplantation

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